The GCE Tote Washer - 
Increase Productivity and Save Money

The GCE Tote Washer Will Dramatically Increase Your Productivity

Take a look at how incredibly efficient and eco-friendly the Tote Washer can be.

The Tote Washer Up Close

Growers Custom Equipment, LLC (GCE) is focused on their mission to design, engineer, manufacture, sell, and support custom equipment for the Agriculture industry.  

GCE was previously owned by Growers Ice Company (GIC). GIC began manufacturing specialized equipment to support its own pre- and post-cooling operations in the 1930s. Currently, GCE is owned by Post Harvest Technologies, Inc., and they continue their commitment to excellence in designing and manufacturing superior pre- and post-cooling equipment. 

As labor becomes more of a challenge, technology will be required to keep pace with demand.  The patent pending GCE Tote Washer is one of our latest innovative products.

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Base equipment dimensions: 5’ W x 28’ L x 6’ H

 Shipping Weight 2,000 lbs

Stainless Steel Frame

Stainless Steel 1/4" Conveyor Chain

Stainless Steel 10 gage Wash Tank at 400 gallons

Stainless Steel Screens are removable for cleaning

1" Stainless Steel Pipe for Tank Water Fill from Plant

2" Stainless Steel Pipe for Water Drain on each side

Electrical Requirements - 30 amp at 480 volts 3 phase

Stainless Steel Control Box Panel

Equipment Specs


       - On/Off

      - Variable Speed Control for Chain Conveyor

      - Emergency Stop

Electrical to be NEMA 4 for Water protection

Stainless Steel 5hp pump at 100 gpm at 60 psi

Stainless Steel 3/4hp pump for Final Spray Sanitizer

Water Treatment System available for Sanitation Cycle

Stainless Steel Spray Nozzles for washing all sides of Tote

Out Feed is a Stainless Steel Skid Conveyor

The totes are loaded on the loading bed of the tote rotator by a forklift with the open end of the totes facing up. Before the totes enter the washing tank, hydraulic cylinders invert the totes to the open end facing down.


Then, the loading bed infeed conveyor chain moves the totes into the washing tank. Next, the washing tank encapsulates the totes and uses high pressure water sprayers to clean the totes.


When the totes are discharged from the washing tank, the totes are flipped over and placed on a live belt on the outfeed conveyor where they are ready for sanitation and pickup. As the totes enter the washing tank, hydraulic cylinders invert the totes to the open end facing down.

How It Operates

The GCE Tote Washer Solution

 PROBLEM:  Current standard tote washing procedures involve at least 3 employees and 1 forklift operator. This standard arrangement will support the cleaning of 100 totes in an 8 hour day and at a maximum 500 to 600 totes a week on average. This procedure is labor intensive, time consuming, and wasteful of water. The results are high cost and low productivity. 

SOLUTION:  Advantage (ROI/Productivity is the Advantage)  It is disruptive technology.

The Growers Custom Equipment Tote Washer is a 1 to 2 employee/forklift operation, depending on the operation. Water is filtered, treated if preferred, and used again. With a capacity to clean 3 4 totes per minute or 180 – 240 per hour (depending on the operation), the Tote Washer excels in cutting costs and water waste. In 6 hours of operation, it can clean 1,100 – 1,400 totes, depending on the operation. The results are a dramatic increase in productivity and reduction of labor and water cost.

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See for yourself how the GCE Tote Washer can cut costs and reduce water waste.

Download our Productivity and ROI Analysis Tool to learn how great your numbers can be!

Download the Productivity and ROI Analysis Tool

Growers Custom Equipment now has a robust and portable tote washing system that can save you time, water, and labor.

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